Identity design



Greenario Energy
– is a new company on the danish green energy scene. They offer a business opportunity for companies with a large energy comsumption level. By using theeir greenbox and some software Greenario Energy helps them to sell ‘downtime’ as energy back into the grid. We helped them to look, talk and approach the market in a professional and understandable manor. With a clear green appeal and a detechnicalisation of content and process to highten approachability.


By Do the trick

  • Logo
  • Copywriting
  • Visual identity
  • Design guide
  • Content
  • Stationary
  • Sales material
  • Webdesign

By collaboration

  • Name
  • Payoff
  • Narrative
  • PR
  • Video/Photo
  • Webdevelopment


Scribendo / Copywriting, PR
Brandbart / Webdevelopment
Masch agency / Photo