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Allan Sørensen
Owner / identity designer

Do the trick
Ryttergade 12b, 1.
5000 Odensee C


Design that does the trick
Time, place and actions. Some lasts a lifetime – some not long enough to get a product off a shelf and into the cart. The concrete appropriate combination of sensory influences. Words, visuals, locations and frequency. The fine line line between jokes at a funeral or luxury brands in a discount store. Is it out of place, refreshing or inappropriate? It depends on the context.

Do the trick design impactful brand touchpoints like visual identities, packaging, websites and content, coffee table books, Crafted by insights, experience and an ambitious approach to visual design and words.

After more than 20 years of experience from advertising agencies on Fyn and Jutland I started my own business in 2019 focusing on design and branding projects more than tactical advertising. I work with my own clients as well as freelance jobs.

Freelance collaborations

Alphabetical order

  • Fingerspitz*
  • Goodwill Film
  • IDNa Group
  • Kreativ Grafisk
  • Masch Agency
  • Nørgård Mikkelsen
  • Zupa Odense

Cold hard facts are boring and often tend to cater those who who already know.
Creativity can dress the facts in it’s finest gown and make it eyecatching and attractive by using design to play on emotions and desires. Curiosity is a great way to make people spend time with your brand and by sparking interest understanding is right at the fingertips.

Design that does the trick